Why You’re Looking at PageRank Wrong – The Search #2

by on September 7, 2010 | posted in SEO Theory

PageRank is often ripped apart for it’s lack of value as a page valuation tool.

While I’m not really arguing that fact, what I do argue in this episode of the search is that PageRank, as we know it, is being imagined completely wrong. If we start thinking of it as what it is rather than what it’s distorted version has become, it might be more accurate than we think – and we might be able to use it as something of value rather than simply as pure entertainment.

  • http://ericpratum.com Eric Pratum

    I like how you talk through this.

    Being a wannabe SEO, I think it would help me if you had 1 or 2 main points or theses up front that I could kind of keep in my mind throughout the video while you build your argument, and then, you could restate them at the end. They could just be stated, or be graphic overlays, or pieces of paper you hold up (like Mike Volpe on HubSpot TV for example), or something else that makes them stand out.

    Anyhoo, nice job, man. You’re helping me learn this stuff.

    • Ross Hudgens

      I like that idea – I definitely was aware that the first version I put out is definitely not close to what the end product hopefully will become. Thanks for the feedback!

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