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Welcome to!

by on April 10, 2010 | posted in SEO Theory has finally launched.

This is my second attempt at legitimate blogging, and this time, I’m doing it right. I got a sexy, sleek blog design from the awesome girls over at Shatterboxx Media, and now, I’ve got the focus and expertise to execute correctly.

My current plan is to post two times a week. Subjects will vary but I will do my best to keep it within the umbrella of internet marketing, with a special focus on where I work – search and social.

For my personal friends, hopefully I can incorporate some real-life takeaways in my fake-life takes on the internet, and somehow, you can enjoy it. I won’t make promises, though. Promises are for the birds.

I’ll also try and stop using clichés as much as possible.

For more on the blog and more about me, read the About page. I’ll be adding more pages to the top navigation soon, as they become topical/needed. I’m hoping for a “Best Of” page one day, but if “Worst Of” is more relevant, I’ll do that too.

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