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What’s BMW’s market share of the auto market?  Does anyone know?  Well, it’s less than 2%, but no one cares.  Why?  Because either you drive a BMW or you stare at the new one driving by.  If we do our job, we’ll make products that people lust after, and no one will care about our market share.

Apple is a start-up.  Granted, it’s a startup with $6B in revenue, but that can and will go in an instant.  If you are here for a cushy 9-to-5 job, then that’s OK, but you should go.  We’re going to make sure everyone has stock options, and that they are oriented towards the long term.  If you need a big salary and bonus, then that’s OK, but you should go.  This isn’t going to be that place.  There are plenty of companies like that in the Valley.  This is going to be hard work, possibly the hardest you’ve ever done.  But if we do it right, it’s going to be worth it.

-Steve Jobs, on public criticisms about Apple market share.

  • Jon cooper

    Quotes like that are why Steve is one of the most respected men to ever live. If SEOs could apply this quote to their daily work, they’d have no competition.

    • Samuel Lavoie

      Sadly this comment need to be updated :/
      RIP steve

  • Samuel Lavoie

    my’s already been almost 1 month damn tiem fly by fast, seems oit happened yesterday.

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