SEOs are to blame for “SEO is Dead” – The Search #3

by on September 16, 2010 | posted in Marketing

Steve Rubel rcecently released a post about SEO being dead. I’m not going to link to it. It has 7,500 links. This guy is wrong, we know that. But why do we care enough to link to the post 7,500 times and vehemently argue against it for three days on Twitter – to the point of absolute boredom? Probably because part of us believes. The Lizard Brain part of us. The I’m going to lose my job part of us.

The I need to watch this video part of us.

In the news, I’ve been guest posting a lot lately, little of which has to do with SEO. But I thought I’d include the posts for anyone who’s interested

  • Eric Pratum

    You had me at “5% of the community that can rationally think.” Nice video, man. I see your point for sure, and you made me laugh.

    • Ross Hudgens

      Thank you sir, I’m trying to bring some entertainment to this SEO blogging thing. :)

    • Josh Crocker

      Made me laugh too :)

      Especially looking at your watch – “It’s September, and I’m still employed”.

      Thanks Ross!

      – Josh

      • Ross Hudgens

        Thanks Josh, always appreciate the support. Glad to read that you had a good time in NY!

  • KD Ironside

    I am not in SEO, but I am starting to dip my toe in the water, not only for my own benefit, but for the entertainment value… Ross, your video killed me. Too cute.

    • Ross Hudgens

      Thank you! BTW your link is broken, wanted to check out your site but was not able to.

      • KD Ironside

        You’re welcome! Oops, there, I fixed the url. Thx!

        • Ross Hudgens

          Nice site! Definitely no real SEO need, but if you ever need some help with it let me know!

  • dennis

    This video made me LOL a few times.
    Keep the vids coming – it can be much more entertaining to HEAR someone’s view on something than it is to read it sometimes.

    • Ross Hudgens

      Thanks Dennis. I’m going to try and do this once a week (besides this week), whenever I have something to rant on. Informational posts should stick to words, I think. Keep the feedback coming!

  • Kyle Alm

    The SEO sky is not falling chicken little.

    SEO is going to continue to change and it’s going to continue to be necessary because not many people outside our industry even know how to set up a Google Places account.

    I like the LIzard Brain shout out to Seth Godin, but my spidey-sense tells me that the next big innovation is around the corner.

    As SEOs though we are responsible for the shift to integrating organic search with Places. I’m sure that there was too much manipulation for Google’s liking and they wanted to close the system so that businesses get returned more frequently as results.

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