The Greatest SEO Services Call To Action I’ve Ever Seen

by on December 13, 2011 | posted in Marketing

I work in lead generation, so one of the things that frequently catches my eye is the conversion rate optimization (CRO) efficiencies of a page. It’s natural. Getting users to convert while maintaining SEO best practices is something that is a vital part of my job, so when I run into great examples of CRO anywhere on the web, I get pumped. I love seeing great work, cause it inspires me, and it should for you, too.

Today, I found the best call to action on an SEO company website I’ve ever seen. It made me run fill out their form and I don’t even need their services! The company is Australian-based Dejan SEO. In an effort to not take their pageviews, I suggest you mosey on over there and be impressed. The CRO is impeccable. Dejan’s CEO reported a 700% increase in conversion rate over their old version using this new form! That’s an incredible improvement.

That’s not to say that implementing the form instantly means you’ll win millions of leads. Dejan also noted that their competitor, Web Marketing Experts, spotted their CTA and began using it as well. Although Web Marketing Expert’s design is still better than most, it is of my opinion that the overall framing/CRO on-page for Dejan SEO is superior. This is based on more trustworthy/natural “trust signals” in the form of their press clippings, and also the slightly less cluttered design. Of course, I can’t see the stats of either site, but that’s my gut instinct on having run and observed hundreds of A/B tests for sites built out just like this.

Nice work Dejan SEO!

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