The Greatest SEO Services Call To Action I’ve Ever Seen

by on December 13, 2011 | posted in Marketing

I work in lead generation, so one of the things that frequently catches my eye is the conversion rate optimization (CRO) efficiencies of a page. It’s natural. Getting users to convert while maintaining SEO best practices is something that is a vital part of my job, so when I run into great examples of CRO anywhere on the web, I get pumped. I love seeing great work, cause it inspires me, and it should for you, too.

Today, I found the best call to action on an SEO company website I’ve ever seen. It made me run fill out their form and I don’t even need their services! The company is Australian-based Dejan SEO. In an effort to not take their pageviews, I suggest you mosey on over there and be impressed. The CRO is impeccable. Dejan’s CEO reported a 700% increase in conversion rate over their old version using this new form! That’s an incredible improvement.

That’s not to say that implementing the form instantly means you’ll win millions of leads. Dejan also noted that their competitor, Web Marketing Experts, spotted their CTA and began using it as well. Although Web Marketing Expert’s design is still better than most, it is of my opinion that the overall framing/CRO on-page for Dejan SEO is superior. This is based on more trustworthy/natural “trust signals” in the form of their press clippings, and also the slightly less cluttered design. Of course, I can’t see the stats of either site, but that’s my gut instinct on having run and observed hundreds of A/B tests for sites built out just like this.

Nice work Dejan SEO!

  • Ostheimer Webdesign

    This post did it’s work is down ;-)
    I’ll be back later to look at that CTA for sure!

  • Craig Addyman

    I really like this Dejan’s simplicity is by far the winner out of the two though

  • Doug

    Hi great post and good find.

    I have seen a few of these 3 stage conversions in my time but tend to have mixed feelings on conversions drop off in the steps. Smart and different always has better lift and this is a great example of something that uses an almost hybred “free sells” / “system banner” simultaneously.

    I come from the casino game so have been around a few ux split tests and what we used to call “system banners” or banners that insight some kind of un-intended action.

    Anyhow great post I hope the djan guys see a lot of traction from it.


  • gyan infotech

    This is very good seo information , thanks for share seo information , I Like it .

  • Cody Baird

    Thanks for sharing Dejan SEO example. It is a very refreshing approach for SEO conversion. I should pay more attention to others with in the industry but I’m using reading blogs trying to stay ahead of the curve. I’d love a short list of other sites that you think have a solid cro strategy Justin. Anyways, nice post.

  • Charlotte SEO

    What a great example of CRO, thanks for finding this and providing links to the Dejan site. I think we all get so caught up in SEO, writing content, etc. that we sometimes forget about conversions. Again, thanks for the great example of how to do it right.

  • Ryan


    not to take away the brilliant simplicity of this call to action, but don’t you think the whole three step process is just a bit deceptive in this case?

    In my opinion the only reason that this CTA works so well for Dejan is because they are exploiting the user’s perception of what this type of call to action usually signifies (the google search field, the yahoo site explorer search bar, open site explorer etc. etc. ad infinitum)

    When most users enter their data into a form field that looks like a search bar they are are usually expecting some sort of analysis….not to be put on call center list.

    Isn’t this sort of CTA just another dirty marketing trick?

    Dejan claims that the form brought their landing page conversions up 700 percent…but I’d like to know how many of those new conversions turned into angry post-potential clients once they got them on the phone.

    Anyway, just a thought. Great blog…keep up the good work.

    • Ross Hudgens

      I think it clearly says “SEO Quote” on the top so it’s not deceptive at all. If it was I would get your point but I don’t think it does, so it’s not a problem.

  • Ryan

    I see your point, but “seo quote” is at best an ambiguos statement.

    For me…just privately…incorporating just a little bit of data via an API from SEMrush or something like that would markedly increase the chance that my first experience with this company wouldn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth.

    then again, if someone comes to the site and bothers to enter their info…they are probably looking for an SEO quote. So they’ll get what the came for.

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