SEO Blogging Sucks

The Real Reason SEO Blogging Sucks

by on April 15, 2010 | posted in SEO Theory

SEO blogging sucks. There are hundreds of SEO blogs on the internet, and almost all of them are just the same information, over, over, and over again. Mostly, the information is recycled. Sometimes SEOs won’t even use ninety percent of the stuff they talk about – I like to call this the “long tail of SEO information”.

This tail is longer than it should be.

In some ways, this style of SEO blogging is acceptable. To be honest, I’m even guilty of it. The Single Grain SEO blog is still in development and I’m trying to keep us out of the stigma as much as I can. However, this stigma can still be informative to clients and give a baseline of information to the uninformed, many of the people we’re aiming at. This doesn’t stop it, however, from sucking. Great blogging isn’t information spindled and then sewn into a sweatshirt then cut up then spindled up again.

Great blogging is infinite.

The best blogs on the internet deal with information that is potentially infinite, or so incredibly near infinite that the ability to address all the potential topics is impossible in our lifetime. By nature, information that is near infinite means that the content is always unique, making for superb, interesting, and remarkable blogging.

Few topics are infinite, unfortunately. Some are more so than others. SEO, while wide enough to be worthy of a blog, is thin enough to come across as worthless drivel ninety percent of the time to people in the industry. The wider we spread, the more potential variables and chances for unique content to appear. From SEO as a topic, to Internet Marketing, to Marketing.

However, we have a potential dilemma. As we spread, we can spread too thin. Spread too far and nobody cares. Come too close and you’re saying what’s been said a million times. Somewhere in the middle is an opportunity. An opportunity to be unique, to blend venues, and be great.

Want to pitch infinity on your blog? Deal with people. Due to the chaotic nature of six billion people interacting randomly at once, the subject of “people” becomes as infinite as is possible for the blogger. Talk about people and you’re unique, because, by nature, almost every scenario has not been talked about, at least in that microcosm situation you’re discussing in Atlanta Georgia with the punk rock guying marketing his CD with peanut butter toast as a meme.

On the flip side, talk about the fundamentals of SEO and SEO alone, and you’re boring. SEO is finite.

We only have so many things in this niche to talk about. The search engines aren’t worth worrying about past a certain algorithmic level. Link building techniques vary depending on the niche, and frequently, they’re unusable by ninety percent of the link builders on the SERPs. The only way to stay interesting and novel and great as an SEO blogger, therefore, is through people.

Breaking news, attacking companies, creating our own internal applications and talking about them, interviewing established SEOs, all of these things create blogs that are memorable and worth spreading. After we’ve indulged all of the best practices four hundred times, this is all we have left.

And it still matters.

People matter. Talking matters. It keeps this stuff fresh, it builds networks, and heck, it builds links. Interrupting my day and your day with something that somehow stays relevant, and maybe sparks a bit of creativity is more important than you know. I am excited when I see a new SEO post from SEOMoz or SEOBook or Outspoken Media, all SEO blogs in some form or another. These blogs get me through the day, generate creative sparks, and are INFINITE.

It can be kinda scary talking about people – cause people can talk back. That’s part of not sucking, though. You have to talk back. Because every time you talk back, you create something new, and new is worth reading about.

And definitely, new is worth blogging about.

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