Consulting Services

I’m the founder of Siege Media, a content marketing agency, which is based in the San Diego area. Although I and the team love meeting clients in person, I also consult with clients across the globe of various sizes and business types. To learn more about the specific services I and the team provide, please read below.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is the bread and butter – citations on the web are what most businesses need to succeed. By employing Siege Media’s content marketing services, we help you promote and create content that can succeed online while also driving online citations. PR and social media amplification are all specialities we use to your advantage when promoting content.

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SEO Services

SEO is a broad idea, that often now can be stuck under the umbrella of “Digital Marketing”. However, for those companies with strong efficiencies in those other departments – and weaknesses in SEO, general SEO services may be ideal for you. I work with you in whatever way makes the most sense for your business – link building, content development, site audits, etc.

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Digital Marketing Services

For those that need their digital marketing done for them, I am capable of representing your digital marketing department for small to medium sized businesses with adequate resources. The new world of SEO means that boring link building simply doesn’t cut it, so for those with the resources and buy-in to invest in a digital marketing campaign of content development, link building, social media and etc that matches their ideal audience, there is room for a full and comprehensive campaign. By utilizing my own experience as well as occasional partnerships with the best in each specification in the industry, you get the best boost for your business.

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Digital Marketing Audit

Looking for an overall digital marketing audit of your website? By doing a deep dive on the cohesive aspects of your marketing plan, you’ll gain insights into the aspects of your business that can be improved immediately – such as CRO, usability, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, and more. Most audits unveil immediate, actionable ways to create large jumps in incremental revenue for an established, traffic-generating business. While cohesive, these audits are also not unrealistic – there will be no recommendations that a Payday Loans site develop a Twitter following, or establish a brick or mortar business. Plans are established around the effective construct you have already built online.

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Phone Consulting

We’ll talk about immediate, actionable ways you can improve your website and business. Furthermore, I’ll provide a general guideline for improving your digital marketing efforts to take your site to the next level. Phone consultation plans include e-mail correspondence follow-up to help implement action items from the conversation. Of course, I will need to know your business and domain in advance to properly prep for the call. Phone consultation services are billed at a rate of $300/hr and can be divided into two, 30 minute sessions.

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