Link Roundup – September Edition

by on October 3, 2011 | posted in Marketing

Exciting stuff coming for the blog soon – namely more content. Had a great time at Blueglass TPA and naturally, what comes from a great conference is a new fire and enough ideas to change the world – or at least the pixels on this blog that I own. Anyways, I know most people mostly ignore link roundups (I know I do), but if you’re smart, you won’t ignore mine. Because they’re monthly. And they’re curated curation. So it’s the best of the best.

  • Down for Everyone or Just Me. How often do you hear this phrase muttered on Twitter? Too much, probably. Turns out there’s a service that answers the question for you.
  • Chris Sacca, an uber-successful VC, is interviewed on the podcast Let’s Make Mistakes about the intricacies of hustle – and how we describe it online is basically hyperbole for “working hard”. One of the interview highlights — how he used true hustle to grind out of $2.5 million in debt.
  • Using the SEOMoz Free API With Excel – Used this last month to great effect. Nice guide that makes it easy to use the SEOMoz API for random SEO goodness.
  • Keyword Research – We’re ALL Doing it Wrong – Great post by David Minchala describing the fallibilities of keyword research. Smart stuff to consider and probably the only post this month that made me reconsider my process.
  • Favorite Keyword Research Tools from Mozcon – Richard Baxter compiles some great keyword research tools. Not your little brother’s stuff here – takes some implementation but for those people that do lots of keyword research, this stuff is a must.

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