Link Roundup – July Edition

by on July 25, 2011 | posted in SEO Theory

It’s not the end of July yet but I thought I’d compile a little link roundup of the things I’m loving this month. I haven’t been blogging as much lately (and won’t be in the future either), because I believe I am seeing diminishing returns on my effort, now, and am turning inward to focus on building the company I work for, Full Beaker. I’ll still blog as the itch grabs me (and it will), but I unfortunately can’t guarantee any sort of real volume as I have in the past.

That said, I still believe in curating great stuff. This isn’t a set of links I forced myself to make every week. This is a small list I will hopefully go about making every month to help spread the love – and also help others.

On a more narcissistic note, I’ll be speaking at Blueglass TPA in September, and also helping out with an online SEO course over at Instant E-Training starting in August.

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