Optimizing Your Long-Tail Content Strategy: A Guide

January 24, 2011 Miscellaneous Strategies

In this post, I am going to assume that your short-tail and your mid-tail content strategy is something that you’ve got relatively well in line. Whether or not that’s factual – well, only you can know that. But that part is relatively well documented (in my opinion), and overall, is functionally done a lot easier […]

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Wil Reynolds Interview – SEER Interactive

January 10, 2011 Link Building Interviews

Wil Reynolds is a thought leader in SEO, period. I respect the heck out of his opinion and had the chance to hear him speak at SEOMoz’s Pro Seminar, and not only is he a good SEO, he’s damn at speaking as well. His SEO company, SEER Interactive, is one of the most prominent in the industry, both […]

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The Best SEO Post of All Time

December 20, 2010 SEO Theory

I’ve been extremely vocal about not only the lunacy of SEO “dying”, but also, the somewhat incendiary talk by SEOs about it that actually draw attention to those that make the statements. And while I stand by both of those statements, to me, it is not debatable that SEO has, in many ways, decayed. Before, […]

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How Google Might Turn Down The Knob On Exact Match Domains

December 13, 2010 SEO Theory

There’s recently been a lot of pubsubhubbub about Google’s overuse of exact match domains in the SERPs. They rank too highly, they say. They’re spam riddled pumpernickel, they say. They’re SPAM (sites placed above mine) period, they say. And mostly, they’re right. There’s more to the debate, of course, but even if a little extra […]

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How To Act Blackhat And Get Away With It

December 9, 2010 Linkable Asset Creation

Before you call Mr. Cutts, let me first say that the black hat “idea” has changed. Before, black hat was sheer, unbridled manipulation of the search engines in the pursuit of rankings, in a way that would completely corrupt user experience in order to get to the ideal product – such as with intense keyword […]

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Social Counts For Search: Should We Care?

December 6, 2010 SEO Theory

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 was The Day The Internet Stood Still. The 2nd was the day Mr. Danny Sullivan announced that Google and Bing count social sites in the ranking algorithms. People stirred. The non-search community noticed. Many started shaking in their proverbial pants. Others, like me, took the moment to announce that they had […]

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Interview with Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media

December 2, 2010 Marketing

I’m a Lisa Barone fan. I am a strong proponent of those who are willing to say “you’re wrong”, and Lisa is definitely one of them. Also, I somewhat strangely see myself as some kind of SEO-centered male-version of her, and since most people like themselves, that tends to make me like Lisa a little bit […]

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What The Future Holds For Search

December 1, 2010 SEO Theory

What will happen to SEO in 2011? My answer? I don’t care. 365 days is a long time, yes. But what happens during that timespan doesn’t concern us – much. On a long enough timeline, it’s only slightly more important than what happens next week, or tomorrow. If we have long enough foresight in a […]

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Link Building with Google Alerts: A Guide

November 22, 2010 Miscellaneous Strategies

Google Alerts is an amazing tool for building links, and one I feel that is relatively unharvested in the SEO world. Yes, there are certain slivers of the tool that most people use, but, used comprehensively, there is massive opportunity to find links – links that are indexed by Google (alerts picked them up!) – […]

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Rand Fishkin’s Personal Blog – A Win for SEO

November 15, 2010 SEO Theory

Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz, recently unveiled his personal blog. Rand is summarily known for his unparalled SEO blogging skills, which have helped bring SEOMoz to the heights they’re at today. His discussions there, however, have been limited to the subect at hand – SEO. Because of this, Rand has been unable to vent on […]

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Why The First Page Is Won On The Third

November 14, 2010 Miscellaneous Strategies

Hollywood – the boulevard of broken dreams. Might we say the same for the third page of the search results? It may have some similarities – like a mass of websites, like it’s citizens, that have tangible value, but have been given up on for a plethora of reasons. Perhaps, conversion wasn’t as spectacular as […]

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7 Ways Advanced Psychology Can Maximize Link Juice

November 10, 2010 Miscellaneous Strategies

You know about the basics of psychology in SEO – create a piece of content that appeals to the person whose hands it’s in, and there’s a good chance they’ll link to it. It can be broken down to way more meta-tidbits than that, but that’s the basic synopsis. Make stuff people want. Find ways […]

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