Please Exit The Link Building

April 6, 2011 Scalable Link Building

I’ve never been as irritated with SEO buzzwords as I am now. Each blog post scanned and tweet looked at means another near-certainty I’ll read about paid links, how content is king, SEO is dead, and now, my new itch – link building – is a relevant description for building five links a week. Each […]

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How To Steal Money From SEOs

April 4, 2011 SEO Theory

In the past, I considered starting up a link directory. It only makes sense for SEOs to run link directories – after all, they know what other SEOs are looking for when they submit a link. For whatever reason, I didn’t do it, and I don’t really see myself doing it in the future – […]

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How Google Might Judge A “Muddy Hill” Link Profile

March 30, 2011 SEO Theory

Great SEO isn’t a practice of outwardly predicting the current state of a non-determinable algorithm – it’s the practice of imagining a perfect search engine based within the restraints of realism (meaning: probability of being achieved), and aiming there.  This post isn’t about what Google is doing now or what they have done, it’s a […]

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Interview with Wiep Knol, Netherlands Link Builder

March 23, 2011 Link Building Interviews

Wiep Knol does a rare thing in the SEO industry – blog about it without sucking. Incredibly enough, besides not suck, Wiep actually does quite the reverse. For that reason, I hold him in very high regard. I wanted to interview Wiep both because I respect him and also because he has a unique perspective, […]

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How To Motivate An SEO

March 17, 2011 SEO Theory

Sometimes I feel like I have motivation down. I would say, pretty confidently, that I work harder than 95% of people. But I’m competitive, and I also feel that I’m behind the ante a lot of the time – meaning that I feel some angst any time I find someone younger than me that has […]

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March 15, 2011 Marketing
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A Model For Link Building: Beyond “Great Content”

March 15, 2011 Miscellaneous Strategies

Content isn’t everything. Content isn’t the only thing. Often, it’s not a thing at all. I would say “content is king” is accurate, but only because there are only 44 current monarchs, the system doesn’t work everywhere, and those monarchies only account for a small proportion of the world’s population. If you’ve read my post […]

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How to Unnaturally Naturally Vary Your Anchor Text

March 2, 2011 SEO Theory

Something you’ve undoubtedly heard, if you’ve done SEO, if you’ve built a link, if you have a pulse – is that you should naturally vary your anchor text. I hate this, and I hate it because it’s unhelpful and ambiguous. It’s like telling a fat person “eat healthy”. Yes, fat person, eat healthy, but if […]

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The Only Thing You’ll Ever Need To Know To Never Get Penalized

February 17, 2011 SEO Theory

Google has painted a clear picture in the past few days, and, although it’s done absolutely nothing to change things for me, it’s theoretically parted the clouds, in a way I previously had never conceptualized. Google’s official stance is as follows: Examples of link schemes can include: Links intended to manipulate PageRank Links to web […]

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SERP Stacking: How SEOs Can Tax The Poor

February 16, 2011 SEO Theory

“The rich get richer.” “You need money to make money.” These are all widely recognized phrases, and, in most ways, they’re both right. It’s much easier to get to two million after you’ve made it one million. Once you’ve made it to number one, the ease of moving widening the gap between you and number […]

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Raven SEO

February 15, 2011 Marketing
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Google Will Never Be Good Enough

February 8, 2011 SEO Theory

As of late, the stirrings for Google’s head have again increased. Murmurs have vaulted upwards, to the point where Google, in the aim to maintain positive PR, has even pushed significant algorithm changes live to qualm the uprising. People continue to complain about webspam, others root up public, blanket statements in disgust, and a few […]

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