Does Google Use CTR Data To Help Rank Search Results?

June 22, 2011 SEO Theory

Edmond Lau, current engineer at Quora and former software engineer at Google, said the following about search engines using clickthrough rate and visit data in February during the Bing debacle: Interpret that how you will, but I think all signs point to yes. Also, thanks to Rand Fishkin for referring me to this article. For […]

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Interview with Patrick McKenzie on Programming and SEO

June 21, 2011 SEO Theory

Patrick McKenzie is someone – that if you’re a frequent reader of this blog – you probably haven’t heard of. But you should have heard of him. And now, you will have heard of him. He’s best known for his incredible contributions over on Hacker News, the social news site for hackers. On Hacker News, […]

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Build Great Content So You Can Buy Paid Links

June 16, 2011 SEO Theory

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer – so what that means is a lot of pasty white internet marketing skin is beginning to see some darker shades. I’m hoping that means that some of those white-hat, white-skin marketers will begin seeing the world from a different viewpoint – one with a little more […]

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Link Building Slides from SMX Advanced 2011

June 8, 2011 Marketing

Thanks to everyone who came out to SMX Advanced 2011. There was a bit of the mixup with the slides – this is what should have been displayed.

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Why Most SEO Advice Sucks (For You)

June 6, 2011 SEO Theory

There is no white. There is no black. There are only hues of gray. To think any different is to subscribe to discrimination – to believe one way or the other is to be ineffectively forced into a mindset without appropriate judgement of another. This post is not about white or black. That subject is […]

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The Story of Raven Tools – An Interview with Jon Henshaw

May 18, 2011 Marketing

There exists an interesting dichotomy between the two largest SEO Tool providers, SEOMoz and Raven Internet Marketing Tools. On one side, SEOMoz is a promotional machine – it’s hard to not notice the many legs of their company, constantly speaking, constantly creating blog posts, and constantly tweeting – while on the other end, Raven Tools […]

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How To Change People

May 11, 2011 Marketing

Changing people is hard, but it’s possible. If you try and change a person by telling them to stop smoking cigarettes or to start doing pushups somewhat intermittently, you will have no impact. However, there are points where change can happen, change can be large, and change can make difference for the better in another […]

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Why Being Busy Is A Terrible Thing To Be

May 5, 2011 Marketing

I’m so busy. You’ve heard it. You’ve probably said it. Hopefully you’ve done the former more than the latter, but this phrase is something of a hero’s tale for the American working class. To be busy is to be popular, to be busy is to be working towards something bigger, and to be busy is […]

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How To Bake SEO Into Viral-Friendly Blog Posts

April 27, 2011 Miscellaneous Strategies

  There exists an inherent battle that occurs within every blog post released to the world. This battle is between the potential virality of the post,  and the future SEO value of its contents. The reason for this battle is due to the non-synchronous nature of a potentially viral blog title and a more boring, […]

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Random Acts of Content

April 21, 2011 Linkable Asset Creation

The internet has infantilized content. Before, content was extremely hard to create in any form, as it would take a lifetime to build something that people could consume. Now it only takes small blips in time to throw something consumable out in the ether for an audience to chew on. That’s a great thing, but […]

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Never Do SEO For An SEO

April 14, 2011 SEO Theory

Never do SEO for SEO-related terms. Never do PPC for PPC-related terms. Never cook for a cook. Never build a building for an architect. Never clean the teeth of a dentist. Never do web design for a web designer. Never clean a maid’s house. Never blog about blogging. Never X for X.

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On Blogging: One Year of

April 12, 2011 Marketing

April 10th, 2011, marks the one year anniversary of Much has changed since then, and the most important part of that, as it relates to this blog, is my stance on the craft itself. I opened this blog very early with a post that went into detail on why SEO blogging sucks. The TL;DR version […]

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