Why You’re Lying to Yourself About Keyword Difficulty

May 2, 2012 SEO Theory

A little over a month ago, I wrote about barriers to entry in the SEO world. This concept is something I think about constantly in my day to day operations in-house – however, it only begins to explain the long term competitive theories that are important to understand as overarching themes that cumulatively make the difference between […]

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Why Google Needs The Manipulative Web

April 30, 2012 SEO Theory

(The post originally appeared on Search Engine Land December 14th, 2010. Last week, the Google Penguin update made much of the debate about the quality of the search results resurface – and more around the concept that yes, maybe Google eliminated some spam, but in doing so, maybe they also hurt their search results. This article […]

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Interview With SEO Book’s Aaron Wall

March 27, 2012 Link Building Interviews

Aaron Wall is someone I greatly respect. He is unarguably one of the smartest public figures in the SEO space, and for that reason alone, every post he writes on SEOBook is worth reading. His opinions are sometimes controversial, but they are always cogent and continue to make SEO Book’s blog one of the only must-read blogs […]

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Staples Using Promoted Tweets For SEO

March 17, 2012 Marketing

Stumbleupon Advertising is a truly powerful tool for link building. It puts your content at low cost in front of a large audience, and as long as it doesn’t suck, you can easily and quickly get thousands upon thousands of hits to your content. Since that time, Twitter’s Promoted Tweets has emerged. This seems like […]

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SEO As A Barrier To Entry

March 8, 2012 SEO Theory

In traditional business, barrier to entry is a real and entrenched idea – its proliferation in physical retail and elsewhere is a main reason why moving from poor to rich has been extremely difficult in the past – there were strong barriers to entry that required long, tiring processes of establishing supply chain efficiencies and […]

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Speaking at Link Love Boston, April 2nd, 2012

February 7, 2012 Marketing

Distilled hosts some of the best SEO conferences out there in Link Love. I was lucky enough to get invited to speak at this year’s Boston iteration, on April 2nd. The speaker list is quite impressive, and one I am honored to be included on. The names include – Tom Critchlow, Distilled Wil Reynolds, SEER […]

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Second Tier Link Building: How to Utilize it For Massive ROI

January 31, 2012 Marketing

An “advanced” link building tactic frequently discussed is the concept of second tier link building – that is, building links to pages that link to you. These concepts are generally used in spammier instances – such as “link wheels” or other less than favorable examples where links can easily be pushed at authoritative domains – […]

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Managing Oneself

January 9, 2012 Miscellaneous Strategies

From the Harvard Business Review, Peter Drucker describes a methodology for improving oneself – or otherwise, improving by choosing where to best use our efforts at education for the aim of getting better. Comparing your expectations with your results also indicates what not to do. We all have a vast number of areas in which we have no talent […]

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The Greatest SEO Services Call To Action I’ve Ever Seen

December 13, 2011 Marketing

I work in lead generation, so one of the things that frequently catches my eye is the conversion rate optimization (CRO) efficiencies of a page. It’s natural. Getting users to convert while maintaining SEO best practices is something that is a vital part of my job, so when I run into great examples of CRO […]

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Improve Content Creation with Linkable Asset Classes

December 13, 2011 Linkable Asset Creation

“Great content” is palpable. Easy to understand, identifiable instantly by the trained eye, and communicatable with a refreshing consistency when engaging with clients and upper management alike. But the idea is not congruent, necessarily, with obtaining links, and often times the intersection of “great” and “link magnet” is not nearly as harmonious as we might […]

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Improving Corrective Value-Adds in Link Request E-mails

November 15, 2011 Miscellaneous Strategies

Broken link building is a bit of a recent fad – you correct broken links, add value to the webmaster by doing so, and therefore increase the likelihood you get a link back to your website. That’s true, but what is lost in this transaction is not that you are truly aiming to solely solve broken links, […]

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We Are The 35%

November 4, 2011 SEO Theory

Yesterday Google rolled out an algorithm shift that impacts 35% of searches. SEOs have posited various opinions, as far as to say it doesn’t feel like a “major update”. But what does that mean? What makes something a “major update”? Doesn’t 35% of searches signify a large update? I’d say yes – but I’d also […]

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