How to Get a Job in SEO

October 31, 2012 Presentations

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to give a talk to the University of Washington INFO 320 “Information Needs, Searching, and Presentation” class, about what they need to do to get hired in search and SEO specifically. Although many of the suggestions are SEO specific, many of the tips I offered can be cross-referenced to any job […]

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How to Get Accepted to Speak at SMX

October 8, 2012 Content Strategy

I’ve had the good fortune of being selected to speak at SMX events three times now. While I’m no Vanessa Fox, who seems to appear 95 times speaking per event, I feel like I have a decent idea, now, of what it takes to get selected to speak at the conference. Speaking at SMX is […]

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Cognitive Bias at Play in SEO

October 3, 2012 SEO Theory

You will often times find people who say things like “EMDs should rank well”, “Google Plus will succeed”, “guest posting will always work”, “Pinterest is worth investing in”, “white hat %&$ing works”, “infographics can be successful”, and etc. While these are all things that can and might be true, the reality is the author of […]

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Term Anchor Text – The Future of Penguin?

September 10, 2012 SEO Theory

Since the dust from Penguin 1.0 and 1.1 has settled, some continuity has been established in terms of what exactly the algorithm update may have impacted. Of course, nobody knows for sure, but there are some overarching opinions that Penguin most heavily hit a few types of aggressive link builders: Those who overused “phrase” anchor […]

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Link Building With The Employee Roster

September 5, 2012 Scalable Link Building

Whether you’re an agency or in-house, here’s a quick and easy tip to chop off some nice links back to your clients or your own company. Get a master list of the employees who work at the company from HR/LinkedIn. You can also do this manually by checking pages like this from Choice Home Warranty. […]

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Keyword Research for Emerging Trends

August 29, 2012 Content Strategy

It’s relatively easy to do keyword research at the outset of a new campaign. Look at competitors, Google Suggest, Wordtracker, Google Keyword Adword tool – the list goes on. You’ve probably done it, and you’ve probably done it pretty well with some degree of consistency. The problem, however, is that the concept of “keyword research” […]

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Using Mail Merge to Scale Outreach

August 21, 2012 Scalable Link Building

My friend Eric Pratum of InboundAndAgile told me about the Google Doc ability to merge cells with Gmail, allowing you to setup custom inputs with common e-mail variables like “URL”, “First Name”, and “Site Name” to scale the heck out of your outbound work. Basically, it takes whatever your cells are in Google Docs, automatically syncs […]

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Transitioning to a Content Strategy

August 15, 2012 Content Strategy

Minimum Viable Product is a concept generally applied to startups, one originated by Eric Ries. It is used with new companies so that they may be able to ship an early iteration of their software to quickly get feedback on initial versions of their offering – to get market validation and to also allow them […]

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How to Scale Your Link Building

August 10, 2012 Scalable Link Building

(This post is an evergreen piece I wrote eight months ago and never published. You might notice it shares a few similarities with “Please Exit the Link Building” – that’s on purpose, it’s meant for print. Anyways, I thought you guys might enjoy – turns out (most) of the same things that made scalable link […]

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Why I’m Becoming an Entrepreneur

August 6, 2012 Marketing

In the last six months, something began to build inside me. A bug. A feeling. An intuition. While I was working at the best job I have ever been at (and probably ever will be at), I still began to feel it. A scratch. An irritation. This feeling was the growing thought that I had […]

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How to Future Proof Your Infographic Strategy

July 11, 2012 Marketing

Yesterday, I wrote about how we write content has changed. Turns out the infographic stuff I also poked fun at matters, too, and also should be addressed. If you’ve been living under a rock, Matt Cutts said the following in the Enge interview about infographics two days ago – Any infographics you create will do […]

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The End of Content Rewrites

July 10, 2012 SEO Theory

Yesterday, Stone Temple’s Eric Enge released an interview he had with Matt Cutts at SMX Advanced. The big pullout from the post in the social sphere was that infographics might get devalued. People on Twitter started freaking out, the world shook, babies cried. However, within this same continuum I believe the biggest piece of this […]

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