• Happiness – how to be happier. This can’t be stated better. The de-facto document on how to live a happier life.
  • ‎”Like I’ve said before, everything you read is true. Except when the article covers a topic you actually know something about.” – Chris Sacca. This quote so clearly defines many thoughts I’ve had before, and if I had not read it, would have continued to have. It changed the game.
  • What’s the single most important lesson you’ve learned in your professional life? No single answer (from Quora’s Edmon Lau) has redefined what I do in my day to day more than this, at least in recent memory.
  • The Top Idea in Your Mind, by Paul Graham. What’s yours?
  • Merlin Mann and John Gruber talk blogging. This is the definitive guide to doing what you love, writing about it, and perhaps making some cash at it. The best talk on blogging that exists.
  • Better. On the subject of Merlin Mann, this essay is great – it defines many of my life philosophies, and while I still had a wall next to my computer, it was stapled up as a reference.
  • Startup Tools for Entrepreneurs – A list of the best stuff out there from one Steve Blank, accomplished start-up entrepreneur himself and prolific blogger.
  • 5by5 Podcast Network