Does Google Use CTR Data To Help Rank Search Results?

by on June 22, 2011 | posted in SEO Theory

Edmond Lau, current engineer at Quora and former software engineer at Google, said the following about search engines using clickthrough rate and visit data in February during the Bing debacle:

Interpret that how you will, but I think all signs point to yes. Also, thanks to Rand Fishkin for referring me to this article.

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  • Alexander Pokorny

    Hi Ross,

    Thanks for posting that… I have wanted to do a test of proxied bots for sometime .. maybe its time to give it a shot with a throwaway site.

    Anywho, you might be interested in Mr. Lau’s other posts:

    There is some great information and some explanations of some basic -> advanced questions about Google.

    Good Luck in your endeavors,
    Alexander Pokorny

  • Philadelphia SEO

    This is a really interesting blog post Ross, great job for this one here, the information wise and enough proof of statements.

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