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by on September 27, 2011 | posted in Marketing

The above presentation is from the Link Building Post-Panda session at the amazing Blueglass TPA conference. My favorite part of this presentation is characteristic number six, which I believe to be completely original in terms of link building theory. I may extrapolate that and more details of this presentation in a future blog post.

Use this information at your competitor’s own peril.

  • Michael

    Slide 21 hits the nail on the head.

    I’ve found that some marketers cannot fathom the idea that people generally don’t want to link/be associated with something when there is obvious commercial intent there, no matter great the content is.

  • Michael

    *how great the content is

  • Jon cooper

    Ross, you’re the man. I can honestly say I’m probably one of your biggest fans, if not thee biggest. I live in tampa and tried to get over to blueglass tpa this year but things came up. I’m saying this because it’s content like this which makes me read your blog posts and tweets on a daily basis.

    On the subject of the sixth characteristic, I’d love if you went over this into more depth; I’m a little confused.

    On broken link building – I find broken links then input them into yahoo site explorer, so when I find one broken link it gets multiplied by every other page on the web also linking to this bad URL.

    • Ross Hudgens

      Thank you Jon, sorry to hear you couldn’t make it out. As far as six goes, I plan on writing a full post regarding this, hopefully this weekend, but for sure to be published by the end of next week. Or so I say now, you never know.

      If the last part on broken link building is a question, that’s correct. You can utilize a similar linking asset to contact several sites with a site you already know is broken, it also makes filling out e-mails a lot easier.

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  • Jeremy

    Looking forward to more from you on point six, I’ve never seen anyone talk about link building this way. Its a shame a recording of your presentation isn’t available, obviously many of the slides require some more explanation for them to fully make sense.

    Also, this is probably the only SEO blog I read that constantly challenges the way I do all my link building. Love it! Hope you keep writing more and more!

  • Kerry

    Ross, this is an amazing slide show. It puts the marketing back into SEO. I would love to see a follow up that extrapolates on how one develops these kinds of appeal.

    BTW- found this through a Leo Dimilo tweet. Not sure if you are familiar with his site, but you should check him out. (No, I do not work for Leo, just appreciate his work)



  • Gyi Tsakalakis

    one more +1 this is great. Always looking for new link building resources. Thanks again.

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  • yasir

    Thanks a bundle Ross never seen so much true info on link building such great site i have dound ever

  • CandleForex

    Ross with reference to your other post here “”, my question is how do you build links that your competition can’t steal, when all they have to do is run a MajesticSEO or OpenSiteExplorer or report to get all links and copy the link profile?

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