Cognitive Bias at Play in SEO

by on October 3, 2012 | posted in SEO Theory

You will often times find people who say things like “EMDs should rank well”, “Google Plus will succeed”, “guest posting will always work”, “Pinterest is worth investing in”, “white hat %&$ing works”, “infographics can be successful”, and etc. While these are all things that can and might be true, the reality is the author of their statements should greatly inform how you interpret them.

How do their own interests align with the statement itself? Do they own Exact Match Domains? Do they compete heavily against Exact Match Domains with sub-optimal TLDs like Have they invested tons of time in Google Plus? Do they market company pages on Amazon? All of these kinds of things can help inform how we should assess an opinion.

We all have our biases, conscious or not, so when we hear people potentially say things that inform our own decisions, we should immediately do some necessary due diligence into their background to inform whether or not there opinion seems A) extremely clouded, B) clouded, or C) just clouded enough with natural bias that it just might be worth considering.

Anything else might lead us on a path we might ultimately regret ever starting on.

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