Broken Link Checker for Chrome

by on September 14, 2011 | posted in Marketing

Found this yesterday via Napolean Suarez of SEER Interactive on his interview at Citation Labs. I had no idea it existed, so I imagine that some of you might feel the same. It’s a broken link checker that’s about 5x faster than the Firefox equivalent. I have no idea how I didn’t know about this earlier.

  • Napoleon

    Thanks for the shoutout, Ross. I love this tool. It’s the most used plugin in my arsenal. I am sure there are a million different uses for this, so if you come across some new ones, don’t hesitate to share.


  • Jon Cooper

    I actually wrote an entire YOUmoz post about this tool (I found it via your twitter account, so don’t worry, you & Napoleon get credit), but it’s not on the blog yet. This really is my favorite browser extension for link building hands down now.

  • Paul

    Hi, I built the ‘Check My Links’ extension. Thanks to this post you’ve almost doubled the amount of people using it. Glad you like it and thanks for blogging!

    • Ross Hudgens

      Glad to hear that, Paul! Thanks for building such an awesome extension.

  • Brian

    Nice to see you got him up from 5 users to 10. I kid, I kid.

    This plug-in legitimately rocks. Its ridiculously fast and I’ve scored a ton of links with it. The coverage of the Plugin last week on SEOmoz’s Youmoz didn’t hurt his user base, either.

    • Ross Hudgens

      Right, which was found through me (as you can see in the post), which was found through SEER. Definitely not saying the clickthroughs from my site created the signups – but the domino effect pretty certainly helped a lot.

  • Brian

    Yeah, I wasn’t trying to be a dick… hope it didn’t come across that way… was just joshin’ ya

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