Blog Wars 2: A New Hope

by on August 20, 2010 | posted in SEO Theory

So this blog is about to change. I’ve been less active in the last few weeks for multiple reasons, none of which have had to do with my actual desire to write. But I’ve come to realize, as seemingly all bloggers do, that I am not inherently satisfied “just writing”.

As a marketer, it is pretty disheartening writing like I know what I’m talking about while at the same time, completely avoiding one of the marketing pillars – having a target audience. My audience was everyone who works on the internet. While ambitious, it’s not realistic – and also, although I feel rather confident about my rounded skillset, my expertise is in one spot, my area of experience – SEO.

So, yes, this is that blog post. Here forth, this will be a blog with an emphasis on SEO, with internet marketing tidbits that inform it to round it out.  If that completely eliminates you from my readership, I’m sorry, and thanks for reading. For those who stick around, I say thank you, and I hope I can help provide solid, informative, entertaining SEO content – something that is often sorely lacking in the space.

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